Do you move the furniture or do I need to move it ahead of time?
We move sofas, chairs, tables, end tables and the like for our regular cleanings. If you would like bigger pieces of furniture moved – beds, dressers – we will do so for an additional fee.

How long does it take until I can walk on the carpet after you’ve cleaned it?
It’s important to keep kids and pets off the carpet for at least 2 hours. After that, normal walking will not be an issue. We also place pads underneath the furniture legs. These must stay in place for 24 hours following a cleaning.

Can you clean a rug on a hardwood floor?
Unless there is something between the rug and the hardwood, we recommend against cleaning rugs on a hardwood floor.

Which cleaning method is the best?
Every ad says their method is the best. The way to find the best method is to go to a hot water extraction company. You want ones that dry quickly. With our machine, they dry quicker than other ones.

Will hot water damage carpets?
In short, no. Rinsing with hot water gets the carpets clean. Just like when you’re taking a shower, you want the water to be hot.

Won’t my carpets just get dirty again?
Cleaning carpets is just like washing your car – you can’t just do it once. With carpets and upholstery, once a year is recommended.

I have a big house; can you clean all of it?
We can do any size job. With two vans, we do great big jobs all over. With our machine running off a 350-horsepower motor, we can stretch our hose farther than many other companies.

Can you get the following things out of my carpet?
• Lipstick – Yes
• Vomit – Yes
• Blood – Yes
• Soda – 90% of the time
• Rust – 90% of the time
• Water rings – 80% of the time
• Paint – 50-75% of the time
• Coffee – 50% of the time
• Crayons – 50% of the time
• Cat urine – 50% of the time
• Ketchup – 50% of the time

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