Avoid Ripoffs

There are other companies out there that might quote lower prices than Hansen’s. However, at Hansen’s we are up front with the customer. There is no bait and switch from Hansen’s: The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

Other companies may quote you one price, but by the time it’s time to settle the bill, they’ve added additional fees for shampooing and carpeting, for heavily soiled sections of carpet, for every single piece of gum they find. When it’s all said and done, you might be paying double – if not more – than the price originally quoted. Not at Hansen’s. We charge a flat fee on a per-room basis.

At Hansen’s we also know which cleaning method works best. While every company will tell you their method is the best, ours is a tried and true approach that we have used since 1959.

We clean using hot water – the same way you clean yourself every time you step in the shower.

The most effective way to clean a carpet is to use hot water that dries quickly. Our machine heats our water up to 220 degrees where most other companies’ water temperature is 160-180. With our machine operated by a 350-horsepower van, it also dries much quicker than other companies who use 40- to 60-horsepower motors.

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